"Behind Your Business is Your Lifestyle"

Group Coaching Workshops


This innovative series of information seminars is based upon our belief and experiences that business and personal life are closely interlocked; we do not operate them separately. How one works in their business will reflect in their personal life and vs versa.

During the series of seminars the participant will develop a strong personal and business foundation which will support them as they launch their business (intermediate series) and / or take it to the next level (advanced series).

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Session 1 - Doing Less Having More

….busy but not getting anything done…  
At the end of the day are you asking yourself what you have achieved and not feeling gratified with the answer? This workshop will enable you to close the gap between how you are running your business and life now and how you want it to be.

Session 2 - Putting Passion into Your Life & Business

….feeling burnt-out and needing more enthusiasm…

Having passion in your life and for your business is your springboard to action. If you are feeling negative, indifferent or inert it can be difficult to keep going. Let’s get the flame dancing again!


Session 3 - The A4 Business Plan

…takes a difficult process and makes it easy


Have you thought of creating a business plan but didn’t know where to start? Perhaps you don’t know what a business plan is or what it entails. Either way, lack of planning and vision is one of the main reasons many businesses big and small fail. At the end of this workshop you will you will have a vision and mission for your business, some clearly stated objectives and a plan and actions to move you forward.


Session 4 - Limiting Attitudes / Expanding Beliefs

…are your thoughts holding you back…
 How are your attitudes impacting on your business? Are you limiting yourself? Are you limiting opportunities and your progress? Do you truly believe you can be successful? Take a close look at your personal belief system and turn it around to truly expand your horizons.

Session 5 - Budgeting for Business or Life

….Is money a pleasurable reward for your efforts or one of your worst stresses?
 Record keeping and money tracking is vital to your business success. Having a clear understanding of what your financial needs are, where this income will be generated from, what systems you need in place to keep the process simple and pleasurable and how to keep tabs on whether you’re on track or not can be a great relief. This workshop will deliver all this allowing you to then focus on doing what you really enjoy doing in your business.

Session 6 - Successful Contracts with Yourself

….do obstacles get in the way of your dreams and plans….

This workshop pulls everything together. You will learn the process of creating and refining the steps you need to take to keep yourself in motion and keep you on track. You will then know what it means to be accountable to the most important person…..Yourself!

Keeping on Track as You Power up Your Business and Your Life

Bonus sessions available through telecalls and one on one personal coaching sessions.

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