"Behind Your Business is Your Lifestyle"

The Coach Collective was established in 2001 and since then has participated in many public events as well as group coaching sessions with the Logan Office of Economic Development, business teams and individuals in business.

One of our first events was at the Brisbane Mind Body Spirit Festival in 2002. We offered a lucky draw prize for entrants to win a personal life coaching session.


Logan City Council held a Jobs and Business Expo in 2002 where the Coach Collective participated in offering local business owners and individuals with one on one coaching.


In 2010, at the Logan Metro Sports Complex, 101 FM held an expo where The Coach Collective presented the A4 Business Plan and A4 Life Plan.






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Business Coaching

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What do we offer ?

 We offer personal, caring and efficient service, always considering that your business is even more important than our own !


We can relieve the financial stress between couples working in business together.


"Thank you so much for perservering with the outstanding customer invoices ! I really thought they had been paid and I definitely appreciated them finally being settled.

Thanks Cathryn"


We also support:

Guide Dogs Queensland