"Behind Your Business is Your Lifestyle"

The A4 Business Plan(TM)

"Your job is to prepare yourself and your business for growth. Even while you are guessing, the key is to plan, envisage and articulate what you see in the future for yourself and your employees. Because if you don’t articulate it - I mean write it down you don’t own it.” The E Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber

Create your A4 Business Plan (TM) in just half a day

  • Have you thought of creating a business plan but didn't know where to start ? 
  • Perhaps you have a business plan in the drawer gathering dust because it's too cumbersome or you've only ever used it for your bank manager. 
  • Maybe you don't know what a business plan is or what it entails. 

At the end of the session you will have:

  • A vision and mission for your business 
  • Some clearly stated objectives and 
  • A plan with actions to immediately move you forward 
  •  Lack of planning and vision is one of the main reasons many business, big and small, fail.


    The A4 Business Plan (TM)

    • Takes a difficult and often lengthy process and makes it easy  
    • Defines the vision and mission for your business  
    • Objectives: what are your specific measures that will indicate where you want your business to head?  
    • Strategies: how are we going to build this business over time ? 
    • Plans / Actions: What is the work to be done ? 
    • The value of a One Page business plan
    • Simplicity - review it in 5 minutes and act quickly 





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What do we offer ?

 We offer personal, caring and efficient service, always considering that your business is even more important than our own !


We can relieve the financial stress between couples working in business together.


"Thank you so much for perservering with the outstanding customer invoices ! I really thought they had been paid and I definitely appreciated them finally being settled.

Thanks Cathryn"


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